Father Chandy in Israel

Blog Day 5

Sat 7-28

Today we started in silent prayer as we traveled at 5 am to Wadi Qelt where we will view the Old Roman road, a road on which Jesus must have walked on as he travelled from Jericho to Jerusalem.  We also will hike to the Mount of Temptation and view the Tell at Jericho.  We will break our silence with Holy Eucharist celebrated by our beloved Bishop.  This is day 5 of our pilgrimage.  I feel as if I am on a journey, the walking reminds me of the walk that Jesus and his disciples walked on this holy and sacred land as they proclaimed the Gospel.  It is also a journey of my mind, as I journey through the layers of history and culture in this ancient beautiful city on a hill.  Jerusalem is a thin place, a place where the veil between heaven and earth are easily permeable.  A place where the holy touches the ordinary and makes it sacred.  The prayer calls in the morning, the holy shrines, the lovely people all remind me of the holiness that I am called to.  Praise God for the Gospel of Jesus.  Praise God for sending us his son Jesus, praise God for Jesus who chooses to love us.


Love Sunil+

Your friend and Priest

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