Vestry Minutes, October 8th, 2012

St. Andrew’s Church

Minutes of the Vestry

October 8, 2012


A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Andrew’s Church was called to order by Father Chandy at 7:35     p.m. following prayer led by Father Chandy.

Present:  Father Chandy, Warden:  Brian Faniro, Warden:  Patricia Jackson

Vestrypersons:   Christopher Miller/2013, Sharon Carr, 2nd term/2014, Mark Miller, 2nd term/2014, Keith Adams, 1st term/2015, Robert Fisher, 1st term/2015.  Absent: Richard Murphy, 1st term/2013, Cynthia Regn, 1st term/2013, Walt Tafe, 1st term/2014, Beth Parker, 1st term/2015.

Church Treasurer:  John Powell, Absent.

Guest/Parishioner Attendance:   Charles Miller (Finance Chairperson), Walt Ziegler

Minutes:  The Minutes of the regular Vestry meeting held on September 10, 2012 were sent electronically on October 4, 2012.  Mark Miller motioned, seconded by Keith Adams, to approve the Minutes.  Motion carried with one abstention.

Group 6:  Vestrypersons asked questions and offered comments about the results of recent meetings with parish group leaders.  Final recommendations are expected to be presented at the regular vestry meeting in November.

Finance/Treasurer’s Report:  Charles Miller presented the Treasurer’s Report in the absence of John Powell.  Pledges continue to come in regularly and budget projections are expected to be on target.  Transfer of money needed this month for church repairs may come from the Heyer Fund.  Keith Adams motioned to accept the report, seconded by Christopher Miller.  Motion carried.  (A copy of the report is attached to the original Minutes.)

A copy of the 2013 proposed budget was distributed and vestrypersons were asked to review it for next month.

Stewardship:  The campaign is proceeding as planned.  Various speakers will be part of each weekly service to offer thoughts and experiences about stewardship.

Website:   Additional security has been added to the site after recent hacking.   Pay Pal is ready for use.  The church office computer has been upgraded.  The church now holds the license and any problems can be fixed in-house.

Warden’s Report:  Patricia Jackson reported the overbuying of food for the first Coffee Hour.  Adjustments will be made accordingly.  The cost of the cake for the vestry recognition on September 25 was $62.  Pat thanked Bob Fisher for picking up the goodies.

Father Chandy has been awarded the grant for a sabbatical.  No announcement will be made until official word is received.  He was asked to have his selected dates locked in as soon as possible.  Brian Faniro congratulated Father Chandy and thanked the committee who helped write the grant application.

Brian Faniro presented a slide of Buildings and Grounds Capital Projects needing our attention.  Items on the slide included a new boiler, sound system, and making the facility ADA compliant.  Patricia Jackson and Walt Ziegler will research available grants for ADA upgrades.

Rector’s Report:  Services are going well.  Summer services were well attended.  J2A now has 13 members.  Deacon Carl Dunn is doing excellent work.  Father Chandy hopes to have a seminarian from Princeton Theological Seminary join us.

Old Business:   Walt Ziegler clarified information about obtaining a sound study for a new system.   An engineer would need to know the final goals of the system and also to understand the building structure before completing a study.  Supplementing the current system, replacing parts, may be an option.  Mr. Ziegler will contact Clifford Sporn about his recent research results.  He will also solicit other persons to offer objective opinions to the Vestry.

New Business:  A nominating committee will be formed for November.  The Annual Meeting is scheduled for the end of January, 2013.  Brian Faniro will finish his term as well as Cynthia Regn, Richard Murphy, and Christopher Miller.

A vestry retreat is scheduled for February 23, 2013, and a Coffee Hour recognition for outgoing vestrypersons on February 24, 2013.

A suggestion was made to obtain a debit card for the church to avoid having employees use personal cards for transactions requiring immediate payment.  The Finance Committee will resolve this issue.

Calendar:  Brian Faniro moved, seconded by Christopher Miller, to approve a facility use request from Friends of Bill W. for another Sober Dance on December 1, 2012.  Motion carried.  A noise complaint was received during the last dance.  Kris Carroll will instruct the group to avoid further complaints.

Father Chandy closed the meeting with prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Carr, Clerk of the Vestry

Approved by Vestry, 11/12/2012



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