Vestry Minutes for March 11, 2013

St. Andrew’s Church

Minutes of the Vestry

March 11, 2013


A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Andrew’s Church was called to order by Father Chandy at 7:39 p.m. following prayer led by Father Chandy.


Present: Father Chandy, Warden: Patricia Jackson, Warden: Christopher Miller

Vestrypersons: Sharon Carr, 2nd term/2014, Mark Miller, 2nd term/2014, Keith Adams, 1st term/2015, Robert Fisher, 1st term/2015, Beth Parker, 1st term/2015, Marianne Pace-Sanchez, 1st term/2016, James Miller, 1st term/2016. Absent: Walt Tafe, 1st term/2014, John Smythe, 1st term/2016

Church Treasurer: John Powell


Guest/Parishioner Attendance: The Reverend David Snyder, Walt Ziegler


Minutes: The Minutes of the regular Vestry meeting held on February 11, 2013 were sent electronically on March 10, 2013. James Miller motioned to approve the Minutes, seconded by Keith Adams. The motion carried with one abstention.


Finance/Treasurer’s Report: Pledge collection is running behind. Keith Adams motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by James Miller. Motion carried. (A copy of the report is attached to the original Minutes.)

Communion kits are needed for about twelve Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Memorial Fund money may be used to purchase kits. Cost per kit is approximately $80. Keith Adams motioned, seconded by James Miller, to use Memorial Fund money to purchase ten kits. Following discussion, Keith Adams motioned to amend the original motion to include the purchase of linens for the LEM’s, seconded by James Miller. Motion carried.


Group 6 Liaison Assignments: Christopher Miller will contact vestrypersons with a meeting date to review responsibilities of liaisons.


Diocesan Convention: Father Chandy shared information about the recent Diocesan Convention. Thanks to the Vacation Music Academy program St. Andrew’s was awarded national certification as a Jubilee Ministry. At Convention Keith Adams reported on the diocesan relief efforts for victims of Sandy. One student served as a deputy for Youth Council and three students served as pages.

Vestrypersons are encouraged to read the biographic information on the Candidates for Bishop.


Warden’s Report: The contract for refurbishing the next stained glass window has been signed.

Walt Ziegler presented information about the benefits of completing a sound study prior to purchasing a new church sound system. Mr. Ziegler recommended using the services of k2 Audio, LLC. The cost of the study is $1200. Mark Miller motioned, seconded by James Miller, to approve the study after determining the source of the required funds. Motion carried.


Personnel Committee: Two revisions were made to Edmund Robertson’s contract. A suggestion was made to discuss with Mr. Robertson what provisions would be made should there be an unforeseen event rendering him incapable of completing his duties for an extended time. An addendum outlining these provisions would be attached to the contract.


Calendar: Keith Adams motioned to approve the following events, seconded by Christopher Miller:

March 28 – J2A/EYC Lock-in

April 2 – Blood Drive

April 13 – ECW Yard Sale, set-up April 12 at 5:00

April 20 – Sober Dance

May 4 – ECW Craft Fair, set-up May 3 (rain date May 11)

June 30 – Harry Chapin benefit

Motion carried.

Keith Adams motioned, seconded by Patricia Jackson, to empower a committee of the Wardens and Sharon Carr to negotiate the particulars of long-term facility use. Motion carried.


Rector’s Report: Father Chandy shared comments about the Retreat held on February 23. All vestrypersons were asked to review the list of norms and attend a discussion/approval session at 7:00 p.m. on April 8, prior to the regular vestry meeting. In addition, for the regular April meeting, vestrypersons should review the by-laws and read the handout entitled My Top Ten: Vestry Responsibilities.

Keith Adams and Father Chandy met with two students from Princeton Theological Seminary, one of whom is interested in coming to St. Andrew’s to assist with young adult ministries. The $3700 fee for his participation could possibly be waived. Father Chandy will forward more information to the Vestry.


Old Business: As per the Worship Committee’s recommendation, announcements will continue to be made prior to the start of the 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. services. A change at the 10:00 service will be made after Easter. All announcements must come through the office.


New Business: Elizabeth Janney and Beth Parker are planning a children’s theater program to begin this summer. Father Chandy will forward more information to the Vestry.

The number of attendees at the Women’s League Bingo held on February 23 exceeded the 100 seat capacity limit. As this is the second infraction a letter will be sent from the church office informing the Women’s League to seek another venue for this event in 2014.

A suggestion was made to increase the hours of Custodian Lee Brown. The matter will be referred to the Personnel Committee.

Vacation Music Academy plans to extend their program length. More information is needed prior to approval.


Father Chandy closed with prayer and adjourned the meeting at 9:45 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Sharon Carr, Clerk of the Vestry


*The Parochial Report was approved electronically after this meeting by a vote of 11-0.

*A request for facility use on April 7 was approved electronically by a vote of 8-0.


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