Year by Year History of St. Andrew’s

An Historical Overview of St. Andrew’s Church


In 1742, The Rev. Colin Campbell, a missionary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPO), was called to MountHolly from Burlington to preach to a small group of families at St. Andrew’s Church located on Iron Works Hill.  From those early days until the present, St. Andrew’s Church has served the spiritual needs of the community of MountHolly and the surrounding area.   There follows below an abbreviated history of the church and the congregation.



1765, October 28                  Incorporated under Royal Charter of George III

1776, December                   Revolutionary Battle of Iron Works Hill

1786                                                    Second church built on Church Street

1844, April 24                       Cornerstone laid in third church on High Street (present building)

1845, March 27                    Consecration of third church building

1850                                                    Construction of wood frame structure for Sunday School behind church building.

1859                                                    Influential parishioners petition to form a new church, permission was granted and TrinityChurch was built.

1879                                                    Construction completed on Dobbins Family Memorial Chapel in Graveyard on Iron Works Hill

1880                                                    Major renovations to church interior including east window, enlarged chancel, space for organ and vestry room

1884                                                    New Rectory constructed on High Street and old rectory on Garden Street sold.

1891                                                    Rededication of church building

1900                                                    TrinityChurch closed and congregation returned to St. Andrew’s.  With the merger of the two congregations, a number of valuable items were brought to St. Andrew’s including the Malcolm Coppuck Font (in use today), the Tiffany style stained glass window (southeast corner nave).

1924                                                    Exterior renovations to church building

1928, Lent                             Dedication of “God’s Saints” communion set, forged from the

Communion Plate from Trinity and old silver from St. Andrew’s. Set is still used at  Sunday 8AM Eucharist Service.

1930                                                    Interior renovations including installation of reredos and new altar, Harris Cox Memorial Window.

1934                                           Vestry established Investment Committee to invest and monitor accounts and legacies

1939                                                    Installation of  7 stained glass windows in the nave of the church, gift of Edward B. Levis.

1942, April 26                       Celebration of the 200th Anniversary

1953, June                            Dedication of new Parish House

1967, April 2                          Celebration of the 225th Anniversary

1974                                       Preservation Fund established by the Vestry

1977, December                   Memorial Westminster Chimes Carillon dedicated

1983, June                            Yoke Ministry established between St. Andrew’s and St. Martin’s, Lumberton. Diocese discontinued ministry in 1988.

1985, February                     First woman elected to the Vestry

1991                                                    Young women began to serve as acolytes

1991                                                    British canon ball found (authenticated) in Graveyard during electrical excavation project.

1992                                                    Celebration of the 250th Anniversary

1994                                       Publication of the History of St. Andrew’s Church 1742-1992

1995, March 22                    Rededication Celebration of 150th Anniversary of Consecration of the Church building

1999                                                    Initiation of Y2A Program for youth in the Parish including Rite 13

2000, April                             Market Place 29 A.D. started as part of ChurchSchool programs

2002, May                              Kick Off Celebration for Capital Campaign for Restoration Project

2004, September                  Homecoming Service at completion of Restoration Project and return to services in the church

2005, January                      Dedication of new digitalized bell system to replace the 1977 Carillon

2006, June                            Rectory on High Street sold, proceeds invested to fund Rector’s Housing Allowance.


For 264 years the church has been a source of inspiration and help to the community.  For 161 years, the present church building has served the congregation well.  For 53 years the Parish House has provided educational and meeting space for the congregation and Mount Holly/Burlington County organizations.  Through the many changes in its physical structure and alterations to the format of the services, the ritual has been relatively unchanged from that of the early days of  the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel.  St. Andrew’s Church is posed in this new century “to continue the mission of spreading the Gospel and bringing the Good News of Christ’s love to all.”  (St. Andrew’s  Episcopal Church 1742-1992, p. 84).

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