Men’s Group Meeting Minutes – March 2014

St Andrew’s Men’s Group Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2014 | 07:30 | Wedgewood Farms
Facilitator: Frank Marchese
Note taker: Frank Marchese

Frank Marchese, John Emanuel, Earl Fairhurst, Rich Murphy, Steve Manzer, John Powell, Larry Holloway, Jim Giquinto, Sunil Chandy, Carl Dunn, Dwight Phillips

The meeting was called to order at 07:30 with an opening prayer by Deacon Dunn.
Frank Marchese recapped the February meeting from the notes.
We collected $115 from the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. The cash was turned over to John Powell. The new balance in our treasury is $125.

Bathroom Refresh Update – Volunteers were assigned to the specific tasks which are scheduled to begin on Monday, March 17th. They are as follows:
Monday – Purchase supplies at Home Depot – John E., Earl, Dwight
Tuesday – Demolition – Rich, Steve, Earl, John E.
Wednesday – Floors – Dominic
Thursday/Friday – Paint – Rich, Steve, Earl, John E., Jim
Friday/Saturday – Fixtures – Frank, Rich, Jim
Father Chandy will be placing a prayer on the wall between the bathroooms. Please take a minute to say the prayer before beginning work for the day. We will have an official dedication on Sunday, 3/29/14, if the project is completed by then.

Fundraising – Discussion about joining the SCRIP program took place. Congregants can purchase gift cards for hundreds of stores and the church will receive a commission based on those sales. Frank will present the proposal to the vestry at the next meeting.

Dinners – We would like to sponsor one or more of Polly’s monthly dinners. She indicated that there are always the same couples signing up to prepare the dinners each month. It was suggested that the different groups in the church sponsor the dinner each month. Follow up with Polly by Frank will occur.

Mission Statement – We would like to start putting ideas on paper at the next meeting. Please think of 1 or 2 sentences that you feel best describe our purpose. Father Chandy will provide scripture on St. Andrew.

Structure – We are all in agreement that Dominic has done a great job at the getting the group off the ground and leading us up to this time. Thank you, Dominic. We are at a point where a formal structure would be beneficial to the group. Everyone should think about what roles we need, the term of service and the time to implement. We will continue the discussion in April.

The meeting was adjourned, following a closing prayer by Deacon Dunn, at 08:45.

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