Men’s Group Meeting Minutes – April 2014

St Andrew’s Men’s Group |MINUTES
April 19, 2014 | 07:30 | Parish Hall
Facilitator Frank Marchese
Note taker Frank Marchese

Frank Marchese, John Emanuel, Earl Fairhurst, Rich Murphy, Steve Manzer, John Powell, Larry Holloway, Jim Giquinto, Morris Gallagher, Dominic Janney, Mike Henry, Shelton Radix, John Smythe, Ken Trout, Dwight Phillips

The meeting was called to order at 07:30. Steve Manzer provided the opening prayer.
Frank Marchese recapped the February meeting from the notes.
The current balance in our treasury is $125.00.
Bathroom Refresh Update – The vestry approved an additional $250 due to the unexpected costs incurred. The bathrooms are just about complete. The only task left is the garbage haul-out and the installation of the partitions. This will be accomplished after the meeting. The total cost for the project totaled $2637.76. Kris purchased two new soap dispensers at no cost to us.
Fundraising – Frank Marchese asked the vestry if there was any opposition to exploring the SCRIP program. There was no objection.
Mission Statement – There was some discussion about what our mission statement should say. Key points that we want to highlight include promoting inclusion, spirituality and mentoring/guiding. Frank will work on crafting a statement based on these points.
Structure – We are all in agreement that there should be a chair, co-chair and secretary/treasurer in the group. The chair/co-chair will provide meeting agendas, facilitate the meeting, schedule guest speakers and be the point of contact between the group and the rest of the church. The term of office will be 2 years, September to August. Frank asked for volunteers for the positions. Ken Trout volunteered for co-chair. Frank will fill the chair and secretary/treasurer until someone volunteers.
Open discussion –
Earl suggested that we sponsor an outreach project such as World Vision, sponsoring a child, etc. Shelton suggested that we look locally first.
Dominic will contact Crossroads to see if a speaker is available for the next meeting.
The meeting was adjourned, following a closing prayer by Steve Manzer, at 08:30.

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