Vestry Minutes February 10, 2014

St. Andrew’s Church

Minutes of the Vestry

February 10, 2014


A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Andrew’s Church was called to order by Father Chandy at 7:35   p.m. following prayer led by Father Chandy.


Present:  Father Chandy, Warden:  Patricia Jackson, Warden:  Christopher Miller

Vestrypersons:   Keith Adams, 1st term/2015, Beth Parker, 1st term/2015 Marianne Pace-Sanchez, 1st term/2016, John Smythe, 1st term/2016, James Miller, 1st term/2016, Frank Marchese, 1st term/2017, Richard Murphy, 1st term/2016, Earl Fairhurst, 1st term/2016.

Absent:  Robert Fisher, 1st term/2015

Church Treasurer:  John Powell and Parish Administrator Kris Carroll

Guest/Parishioner Attendance:  None.

Father Chandy welcomed the newly elected vestrypersons.  He also discussed that at the next vestry meeting we will use reading from the Conversation of the Poor Handbook, which was passed at General Convention in 2013. Then we went around the table and introduced ourselves.

Minutes:  The Minutes of the regular Vestry meeting held on January 13, 2014 were sent electronically on February 4, 2014.  Keith Adams motioned, seconded by Buddy Miller to approve the Minutes.  Motion carried with 3 abstentions

Minutes from the January 2014 Annual Meeting were reviewed.

Executive Session: (7:45pm- 8:10pm)

 Finance/Treasurer’s Report:  Pledges for January are about $4476 behind.  Collections for January are $11,355.33 (Breakdown for the month 1/5 $2412, 1/13 $3676.50, 1/20- $4502.50. 1/27 (Annual Meeting) $2736.  John explained that the weekly expected pledge is $3600.  He also explained that the pension is over but is paid quarterly and the Parish Administrator is over by $760.00.   Chris Miller questioned the fines.  John explained that Mount Holly allows 6 free false alarms and after that they charges $250 dollars. John is going to speak to Byer Lock about the fact that when the alarm sounds you cannot hear it in the Parish House. A question on gifts was asked and John Powell explained that St. Andrew’s covered the expensive for The Reverend Frank K. Jago’s funeral service.  Chris Miller asked about Father Chandy’s cell phone bill, John explained that this was two months payment.  Father Chandy will be looking into less expensive plans and making sure he is using the church wifi when in the building. James Miller moved, seconded by Patricia Jackson, to accept the report.  Motion carried.  (A copy of the report is attached to the original Minutes.)


Elections:  Buddy Miller motioned, seconded by Keith Adams, to elect John Smythe Clerk of the Vestry.  Motion carried.  Buddy Miller motioned, seconded by Chris Miller, to reelect John Powell as Church Treasurer.  Motion carried.


Calendar:  A list ofupcoming events wasforwarded to vestrypersons prior to this month’s meeting.

Pat Jackson motioned, seconded by Christopher Miller, to approve a facility use request for a Burlington County Blood Drive on March25, 2014 in the Parish Hall.  One opposed.


The Burlington County High School students request to come help clean the grave yard as part of their Community Service Day . A group of ninth graders and chaperones will be sent to assist with clean-up of the graveyard.     John Smythe motioned, seconded by Buddy Miller.  Motion carried.  Rich Murphy, Earl Fairhurst and John Smythe volunteered help out.


The dates for the EYC Lock-in March 21- 22, 6:30pm to 8:00am, (Parish House and Church) Easter Vigil Garden Lock-in April 17-18, 6:30pm to 9:00am (Parish House and Church) and the Altar Guild Annual Party on April 26, 10:00am – 5:00pm in the Parish House.  These events were approved.  No motion was needed.


Shrove Tuesday, March 4th 6pm Pancake Dinner in the Parish House – Frank Marchese and John Smythe will help out and cook.  Looking to get Tom Turley for entertainment for Shrove Tuesday.


Property Report:   The New microphone system is in and running.  Everything is working well and sounds good there is still some tweaking with the organ.  A big Thank You to Cliff Sporn and John Powell for the time and effort they put into getting St. Andrew’s the new sound system.  The hand held microphones use batteries and the microphone on the Lectern still needs a special clamp which Starlite is working on.


Proposal for Downstairs bathrooms to be refreshed, Frank Marchese went over the proposal submitted (attached). The floor seems to be in good condition so Dominic Janney and a Friend will clean the floors and then treat and reseal them.  If a problem does occur with the floor fixtures can be reused.  The quote is for $1495.30 and Richard Murphy questioned unplanned expenses, Frank explained they had put in a 10% allowance for that.   Keith suggested that the project should not exceed $2000.00.  John Smythe motioned, seconded by Buddy Miller. Motion carried.


Welcome Committee:  Father Chandy mentioned that the Invite a Friend Sunday would be April 13th at the 8am and 10am services.  Buddy Miller mentioned that on Saturday, February 8th he held a meeting and he was the only one to attend.  Volunteers from this committee have been on for over 10 years and are getting burnt out.  A suggestion was made to ask volunteers to serve on sub- committees.   Father Chandy needs to make an appeal to the congregation that stewardship is not only a pledge but also volunteering.  It was decided that vestry members would help with Invite a Friend Sunday.  Buddy will have something ready for the vestry retreat on Feb 22.


Warden’s Report:  Patricia Jackson has help picking up the food from Olde World Bakery for Sunday’s Coffee Hour from Kathy and Rich Murphy, John and Irene Smythe and Kim and Walt Tafe .  The fellowship portion is working, parishioners have commented on how things have changed.   Reminder about the vestry retreat which is Saturday, February 23rd at the Evergreens.  Breakfast begins at 8:30am with Eucharist at 9:00am. Vestry members were reminded to come with open minds and open hearts.


Rector’s Report:  Father Chandy explained that Diane Jacobs was dropped from the Diocese Diaconate Program and  would no longer becoming to St. Andrew’s, she will be missed.


Old Business:  None


New Business:  Patricia Jackson reminded the vestry that March 7th is the World Day of Prayer and that Kathy Murphy and Patricia Jackson have parts in the event which will be held at the 2nd Baptist Church on Washington Street, Mount Holly.

Father Chandy closed with prayer and adjourned the meeting at 9:16 p.m.



Respectfully submitted

John Smythe





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