Message from Father Chandy

August 6, 2014


Dear Friends,


As you know this past July I have celebrated eight years with St. Andrew’s Church as your Rector.  St Andrew’s has been a wonderful and sacred place to engage in ministry.  I have been moved by the faith and love of our parishioners.  My family and I have enjoyed being a part of St. Andrew’s.


As I look back over our eight years of ministry together I am extremely proud and happy about the great work that God has inspired us to do together.  However, over the past year I have felt the tug of the Holy Spirit pulling me to ministry in a different environment.  I have accepted a call to become the Rector of Christ Church in Westerly, Rhode Island.   Accordingly, I offer my resignation as Rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church effective September 20th 2014.


I want you all to know this was a difficult decision, my family and I have been extremely blessed by the relationships we have made here.  What has made this leaving a bit easier is the knowledge that St. Andrew’s Church is in a much stronger state than when I first came here.  Indeed St. Andrew’s is a financially vibrant, spiritually strong and emotionally resilient church.  I am also encouraged by the wonderful and able leadership of the Wardens, Vestry and staff.  Their faith, love, sober mindedness and wisdom remind me that whatever changes beset our lives Christ is present at St. Andrew’s.  I know that St. Andrew’s will have the full support of our Diocesan Bishop Chip Stokes and Diocesan Transition Ministry team.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through a period of transition.



In peace,

The Rev. Sunil Chandy+


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