Message from Pastor Deborah about upcoming services for January

Dear People of St. Andrew’s,

Yesterday (Tuesday) our boiler had a melt down — literally. It is not fixable and we
(wardens, vestry, and I)
are in the process of exploring options and getting new heating equipment installed as quickly as possible. Meantime, the church itself is unusable, so for the next two weekends we will worship in the parish hall, which still has heat. There will be no Saturday night service. Jan 25 is the annual meeting with a single service at 9, so both worship and meeting will take place in the parish hall unless the heating folks make a miracle, but as of now they tell us it will be two weeks before all is done. Just think of it as camping out worship — without the campfire. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office.

Sunday, January 18 8:00 HEI in the parish hall
10:00 HEII in the parish hall

Sunday, January 25 9:00 HEII in the parish hall
10:00 parish annual meeting, with breakfast — parish hall


Thank you for your patience.

Pastor Deborah

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