Stewardship 2016

Dear Friends,

As we approach the Advent Season, let us come together and be grateful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon Saint Andrew’s Church throughout the past year. Our Parish has continued to grow and prosper, both spiritually and physically, as a result of an engaged and committed community that has come together to proclaim the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
As Wardens, we are thankful for the dedicated staff of Saint Andrew’s Church, without which, this church family could not move forward effectively. We are also indebted to the devoted volunteer members of our many ministries, people who have come together to give countless hours of service to carry forward the plans and programs of Saint Andrew’s Church.
If we pause for a moment and reflect on these collective blessings, one is reminded of the necessity of continued stewardship support for Saint Andrew’s Church. The gifts of time, talent, and treasure enable us to serve not only the needs of our congregation, but the community at large as well. At this time of year, we must come together to plan, develop, administer, and deliver a budget to continue our mission and to operate the Church successfully and prudently for the next year.    Dedicated participation from our members is the key to the fulfillment of our ministries. We expect to call a new rector to our church to work hand-in-hand with everyone for the full year next year and to re-energize our church. It is important that we are ready for all of the energy and excitement that a new rector will bring.
This year, the Stewardship Committee has made some minor changes to the campaign. We will run our stewardship campaign from Sunday, October 11th through Sunday, November 15th. Please fill out the  pledge form below entitled 2016 My Financial Commitment to God well in advance of the end of the stewardship campaign so we can get a jump on our budget planning and be ready for the new year and our new rector. You will receive periodic letters from the vestry and the stewardship committee during the campaign.
If you are not active in parish life, we ask that you please consider joining a parish organization or volunteering your time or talents at our next parish event. If you currently do not pledge, we ask that you prayerfully consider doing so. If you already pledge, please carefully and prayerfully consider if you can afford more. Every pledge is gratefully received and every dollar is carefully spent. Our church has ministered faithfully to the Mount Holly area for more than 270 years, not because members have given out of a sense duty, obligation or guilt. Today, we remain strong and vibrant because generations of members have come together to generously support the mission and vision of Saint Andrew’s Church.
We ask that you please review and complete the pledge card attached below and either deposit it in the offering plate or return it to the Parish Office as soon as possible. Early receipt of pledge cards allows us to plan more effectively for next year. Again, thank you for your past support of time, talent, and treasure and we hope you give prayerful consideration to your 2016 pledge.

With grateful hearts, your Wardens,
Pat Jackson Chris Miller
121 High Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060 ~ 609-267-0225 and Fax 609-267-0250


2016 My Financial Commitment to God

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