The Nominating Committee Report

The  2015 – 2016 Nominating Committee consisted of Earl Fairhurst, Beth Parker, and Dominic Janney.  The Committee started inviting members to run for office in November 2015.  At the Vestry meeting on January 11, 2016 the Nominating Committee summited their slate of candidates, which the vestry accepted.

The Nominating Committee’s Slate of Candidates for 2016 is:

Warden – Keith Adams, Dominic Janney and Frank Marchese

Vestry – Jane Fisher, Linda Macklin, Maryanne Pace Sanchez*, Dwight Phillips and John Smythe*

Convention –  Lucy Adams, Sue Espenshade, Kathy Murphy and Irene Smythe

Convocation – Jim Giquinto, Teri Giquinto, Larry Halloway, Paula Horvath, Pat Jackson and Sharon Phillips.

Nominations from the floor for each position will be accepted the day of the meeting.

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