Temple Talk #1

Temple Talk #1  (A New StewardshipParadigm)

Saint Andrew’s EC (4-9&10-2016)


A PARADIGM is defined as a model…a pattern…a way of doing things.


This weekend we are launching our Spring Stewardship campaign here at St. Andrews-we are calling it BLESSED TO GIVE. And over the next four weeks I will be introducing a new stewardship paradigm…a new and different way of talking about and thinking about and actually doing stewardship. Tonight/today I want to take a few minutes to briefly contrast the Old Stewardship Paradigm (what has been called TRANSACTIONAL STEWARDSHIP) with the New Stewardship Paradigm (what we are calling TRANSFORMATIONAL STEWARDSHIP).


I want to call your attention to the chart that is printed in your bulletin. The chart summarizes the main differences between the old Transactional Paradigm and the NEW Transformational Stewardship Paradigm).


First you will notice that in the Old Paradigm, it was understood that we are the owners of the things that we have and that we have a religious obligation to let go of some of what we have and give it to the church.  But in the new Transformational Stewardship paradigm, we believe that everything we have comes from God and belongs to God (we are not owners…we are STEWARDS).


In the Old Paradigm (the Transactional Paradigm) the focus was on the church and the church’s need for your money.  In the new paradigm, the focus is not on the church’s need for money but on our need as Christians to give.


Next, in the Old Paradigm of Transactional Stewardship the emphasis was all about fundraising…about raising the financial resources needed to pay the light bill and keep the doors of the church open.  In the new Transformational paradigm, the focus is not on money but on MISSION.


Finally, in the old Transactional Paradigm, too often giving was motivated by guilt…”Shame on you for not giving or for not giving enough”.  But in the new Transformational Paradigm, giving and generosity are motivated and understood to be a joyful response to the grace and mercy and forgiving love that we have received.


So, if I were to summarize the differences between the Old Transactional Paradigm and the New Transformational paradigm, it would sound something like this:


The Old Paradigm was all about raising the funds the church needs to function smoothly and efficiently.  The New Transformational Paradigm is all about your growth as a disciple and a follower of Jesus Christ and your NEED to give…joyfully, generously…even recklessly of your Time and your Talents and your Treasure!


During the next four weeks I will be introducing you to the four foundational Principles of Transformational Stewardship…next weekend we will consider Foundational Principle # 1 (the most foundational of the four foundational principles)…Everything we have Comes from God and it Belongs to God! Stay tuned…



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