Confirmation Classes 2016

Confirmation Ministry to begin after Labor Day…


An organized program to prepare young people (ages 13 and above) of the parish for the Rite of Confirmation will begin after Labor Day and will conclude before Easter in 2017.  The date of the Rite of Confirmation has not been set, but it will be sometime after April 16th, 2017 (Easter Sunday).  The Confirmation Preparation will consist of four components.  Mentoring Component: Every member of the confirmation class will secure a personal MENTOR-an adult member of the congregation- to discuss what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Stewardship Component:  Every member of the Confirmation class will participate in a stewardship project.  Each candidate will be given $20.00 and asked to use the funds to design a fundraising project which will raise money for the Saint Vincent De Paul Food Pantry. Service Component: Confirmation candidates will spend a Saturday morning serving at the Saint Francis Inn in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.  Saint Francis Inn is a ministry which serves meals to the homeless and destitute. Road Trip: We will travel to Washington DC for a weekend to explore the sites of our nation’s capital.  We will take a guided tour of the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday afternoon and worship at the Cathedral on Sunday morning.  During our time in Washington, we will be staying in the Mission Center at the Church of the Epiphany (an Episcopal Church located at 1317 G Street, NW… short walk from the White House). Educational Component: The Educational Component of Confirmation preparation will consist of eight, one hour teaching/learning sessions. These sessions will begin in September and conclude in March, and will held on Saturday evenings immediately following the Saturday evening service.  Here is a proposed calendar of study sessions:


Date Session # Topic
September 17th 1 Living the Creed
October 8th 2 Teaching, Fellowship, Bread and Prayers
October 22nd 3 Resist, Repent, Return
November 19th 4 By Word and Example
December 10th 5 Seek and Serve
January 14th 6 Into the World in Witness
February 11th 7 An Introduction to the Holy Bible
March 11th 8 The Sacraments of Baptism and the Holy Eucharist

To date, we have a total of seven young people who have committed to participating in the Confirmation Preparation program.  Young people in the parish who are 13 years of age or above and are interested in preparing for the Rite of Confirmation should speak with Fr. Dave about joining the class.

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