The Wardens and Vestry have authorized the launching of a special fundraising effort to respond to the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  The storm, which battered the east coast of Texas on Friday and continues to cause catastrophic flooding that has turned neighborhoods into lakes and has left many residents of Houston (the fourth largest city in the United States) homeless and seeking shelter.  Harvey, which is being described as one of the most destructive storms in the nation’s history, continues to dump unprecedented amounts of rain upon the area.  A total of 29 deaths have been directly attributed to the storm, but the work of clearing streets and going door-to-door assessing damage and searching for victims has not yet begun.  Recovery from the storm will take years, as an estimated 450,000 people will be seeking federal assistance to rebuild their homes and their lives.  You can help the people of Texas in their efforts to rebuild their lives by responding to this campaign with a generous gift.  Every dollar raised will support Episcopal Relief and Developments’ compassionate response to this unprecedented humanitarian disaster.  You can participate in the campaign in two ways:

#1. You can make an electronic donation by going to the ERD’s website ( or

#2. You can write a check to St. Andrew’s and indicating (in the notation line) that your gift is for Hurricane Harvey response.


The campaign will continue for the next three weeks.. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity…Fr. Dave Snyder, Rector



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