Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders are specially trained and licensed members of the congregation whose main purpose is to assist clergy in the liturgy of the church. These members typically serve at the 8 a.m.and 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning services and at the 5:00p.m. service on Saturday evening. Worship Leaders are responsible for preparing for, and reading, the scripture lessons and leading the reading of the psalms at the various church services when the psalm is not sung. They also assist clergy by bearing chalice (serving the congregation the wine) during the Eucharist at the Sunday services and any other special services at which the Eucharist is celebrated. They  generally lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People during the Rite I and Rite II services. Depending upon the particular service at which the Worship Leaders participate, they may be functioning as acolytes and crucifers as well. Worship Leaders may also be called upon to assist clergy during weddings and funerals.  They may also lead the services of the Daily Office in the absense of clergy

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