Building Use Procedures

Building Use Procedures

Saint Andrew’s Church

Mount Holly, New Jersey

    Services required of the Sexton: (by Saint Andrew’s Church Organizations:)

  • Assistance for the setting up and breaking down tables, chairs and other related material must be in written form, delivered to the Church Office, two full weeks prior to the date.
  • The mere posting of the event on the Calendar does not trigger the Sexton to perform.
  • The request shall detail what is required, such as number of tables and chairs, rows vs. individual  placing, a diagram would be helpful. The time of day,   break down time and what clean up will be necessary.
  • The Rector during the normal course of the business day will assign the work request to the Sexton.
  • Should a request be of an unusual nature, the Rector and two members of the Vestry, having final authority for the Parish, will make the best determination regarding the request, and such determination will have the FULL SUPPORT of the Vestry.
  • For Services required of the Sexton by groups from outside St.  Andrew’s Church.

Alcohol, Serving of:

  • There shall be no serving of Alcohol at the present  time for any event on Church Property, with the exception of a Champaign Toast for a Wedding Reception held in the Parish Hall, providing in the request for scheduling and approval of the event,  this has been a part of the request.
  • Exceptions to this rule, must be requested in person   at a regularly scheduled Vestry meeting and must be     approved by the Vestry and recorded in the minutes.

Raffles, 50/50, Games of Chance:

  • All such activities as defined by the New Jersey Gaming Commission are included in this paragraph.
  • Formal approval must be given by the Vestry and  recorded in the meeting minutes, prior to any  application being made for the appropriate license.
  • Application for the License and related fee will be made and paid for by the Church Group sponsoring the event.
  • Application shall be made through the Township of Mount Holly, with the organization paying all fees, by check. The Church’s Corporate Identification Number will be used on the application, available from the Church Office.
  • The Application must be signed by an “officer” of the Corporation, ie; the Rector, in his absence, either    Warden.
  • If a Raffle or other similar event is held in a Municipality other than Mount Holly, on behalf of St. Andrew’s Church, the same application procedures in their entirety will be followed.

Use of Parish Buildings, Grounds and Equipment of St. Andrew’s Church, by Outside Groups, Organizations and Individuals

  • A Property Use Application will be fully completed.
  • A Release Form of substance that will “hold harmless the Church and it’s entities is being reviewed by the

Church’s Insurance Agency.

  • These forms will be completed in all respects by all

person’s, groups, etc, who desire to use any portion  of St. Andrew’s Buildings, Grounds or Equipment.

  •  Membership by one or more members of the group who are members of St. Andrew’s Congregation does not negate this requirement.
  •  The request for such use shall be addressed to The Rector, Wardens and Vestry of St. Andrew’s Church.     Security of The Buildings, Grounds, etc. may be required and will be negotiated.
  •  A responsible member of St. Andrew’s be present  during the entire affair. If the presence of the Sexton is required, a fee, appropriate to the time involved, may be required.

Suggested Donation Schedule for Property Use:

  • A donation will be accepted as a Designated Gift or for the general operating fund based upon the following schedule:

(1)  Parish Hall ‑  $15.00 per hour.   Deposit  for Parish Hall – $25.00  Kitchen ‑    $25.00 per event.  Basic cleanup  is required by “user” group. Church ‑     $200.00 per event. (2)  Church Organ ‑ use and related fee must be                                  discussed, as to whom,for what  purpose, etc. (3)  Sexton ‑       $40.00 per event.

  • A refundable deposit is required for the Kitchen of $40.00 in addition to the basic rate to provide for Sexton clean‑up, should the “user” groups efforts      prove unsatisfactory.  Determination by any Property   Committee member, should be part of the “use agreement”.

(1)  May be requested and acted upon by the Vestry,  vote of decision to be recorded in meeting  minutes and also made a part of the “use” agreement.   Insurance Certification:

  • Any organization using the Church facilties will be required to execute a “Release Agreement.”
  • Any outside organization using the Church facilties  is required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance noting the date and function.

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