St. Andrew’s Graveyard

St. Andrew’s Graveyard located at 128  Pine Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey

Interment Fees:                                                                    

Child’s Grave Opening – up to 3 ft.  $ 350                                        

Weekday Interment  $800

Saturday Interment   $900


Monday through Friday $ 350

Saturday  $500

Headstone Foundations:  $ .70 per square inch


Charge for Grave Spaces $700


St. Andrew’s Graveyard Rules and Regulations

  1. Grave spaces are available only to Episcopalians and their spouses, parents or children of Episcopalians, or unmarried siblings.  Graves will be sold at the prevailing rates and must be approved by the Vestry of St. Andrew’s Church. One full plot can accommodate: a) one casket; or b) one casket and one urn of ashes; or c) two urns of ashes.


  1. Interments will be at the prevailing rates.


  1. All “Casket” interments require a vault.


  1. Memorial stones must be approved.  A sketch, listing placement and dimensions and any art work must be submitted for approval.  The following restrictions (including base); apply Height – not more than 54”; Width – not more than 14”; Length – Double 72” or Single 36”.


  1. Veterans grave markers will be placed at the foot of the grave, flush with the ground.


  1. All memorial stones must be set on a foundation, regardless of size.  The installation of the foundation must be done by the Graveyard, at the prevailing rate.


  1. Grave decorations must be no more than 9” from the Memorial stone or head of the grave.


  1. No flower boxes or grave borders are allowed, cement or otherwise.


  1. Artificial flowers and other ornamentation are not permitted and Graveyard reserves the right to remove such items.


  1. No trees or bushes may be planted on any gravesite.


  1. Grave enclosures such as urns, fencing, bricks or logs are not permitted and will be removed.


  1. Floral decorations will be removed from a recently opened grave, usually within a week.  Christmas decorations will be removed before Ash Wednesday.  Easter decorations will be removed by summer.


  1. Removal (exhumation) of remains to another cemetery is permitted, subject to the laws of the State of New Jersey and Mount Holly Township ordinance.


  1. Any vandalism or wanton damage to stones or monuments is the responsibility of the owner of the grave not the Graveyard.  Homeowners insurance may cover such damage.


  1. The Vestry of St. Andrew’s Church is responsible for the appearance of the Graveyard – a respectful atmosphere for the respect of the dead.  Your cooperation with the Vestry and caretaker is appreciated.


  1. The Graveyard is open from sunrise to sunset every day.  Violation of these hours or any acts of vandalism will be a police matter.


  1. These rules and regulations are subject to change and update.


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