Blessed to Give

Blessed to Give Campaign

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church                   

121 High Street

Mount Holly, New Jersey  08060

The Rev. Dr. David L. Snyder, Rector

April 4th, 2016

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,



We make a living by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we Give”  Sir Winston Churchill


This weekend we will officially launch our annual stewardship campaign which we are calling: BLESSED to GIVE.  We are writing to provide you with some basic information about the Blessed to Give campaign, and to answer a question which I am sure is on the minds of many…”why in the world are we doing our annual Stewardship campaign after Easter and not in the fall as we have done for many years?“. It is a great question which Fr. Dave will address in his weekly Chancel Chat this week and in a brief “Temple Talk” following each of the services this coming weekend.


There are three simple reasons why we are doing our annual stewardship campaign in the spring this year.  First (and most importantly) stewardship is our response to the grace, mercy and steadfast love of God which we have experienced in our lives.  Is there a time when we are more aware of our great “legacy of faith” than during the Easter season…we don’t think so!!  The second reason why we are doing our annual stewardship campaign during Easter is that the results of the campaign will provide an early indication of what the Vestry can expect to receive as they plan for the operating budget for 2017. We should mention that we will be conducting a “mini campaign” in the fall to reach those members of the parish who, for whatever reason, chose not to participate in the spring campaign.  The third reason that a spring campaign makes sense is because your Stewardship Committee and Vestry have embraced a new stewardship paradigm…a totally new and different way of thinking about, talking about and doing congregational stewardship here at Saint Andrew’s.  This new paradigm is called Transformational Stewardship.  Fr. Dave will be speaking about some of the foundational principles of Transformational Stewardship in a series of Temple Talks which will begin next weekend and continue until the weekend of May 8th . Scheduling our annual stewardship campaign during the Easter season signals and symbolizes that this is a “new day” in terms of the way we think about, talk about, and do stewardship here at Saint Andrew’s.


We know that changing a practice that has been firmly entrenched for generations is never easy, and your Stewardship Committee and Vestry realize that it will take time for the congregation to embrace this new Transformational Stewardship paradigm.  We certainly do not expect dramatic results immediately, but we are convinced that Transformational Stewardship is the right direction for our church and so, this year we will begin to lay the foundation for this new approach.  Many congregations in our Diocese (including the Church of the Good Shepherd, where Fr. Dave served as Interim Rector) have successfully embraced this new Transformational Stewardship approach, and have experienced growth (in some cases significant growth) not just in terms of stewardship results but in terms of the spiritual health and vitality of individuals and congregations.  Our hope and prayer is that every member of the parish will have an open heart and mind to this new message and to the potential that it brings to every member of our parish to grow in their relationship with God and to experience the abundant life that Jesus came to offer to all who follow him in simple faith and trust.  Easter blessings to all…




Fr. Dave Snyder, Rector

Mark Miller, Chair of the Stewardship Committee


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