The Skinner Organ

Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company,

Opus 950,  1936

Two manuals. 21 stops.  19 registers.  23 ranks.  1441 pipes.  The organ also contains a Deagan Harp, 49 notes, with vacuum action, mounted above the Swell pipework, inside the Swell box.


Mr. Edmund Robertson, Director of Music and Principal Organist

Mrs. Kathleen White

Mr. John Stark






Stop List

Swell                                                   Great                                       Pedal

Trumpet 8’                                          Grave Mixture                         Flute 8’

Selicional 8’                                         Flute 4’                                     Sw. Lilblich Gedeckt 16’

Violin Diapason 8’                              Octave 4’                                 Bourdon 16’

Vox Humana 8’                                   Doppel Flute 8’                      Open Diapason 16’

Mixture IV                                            1st Open Diapason 8’

Vox Celeste 8’                                      2nd Open Diapason 8’

Bourdon 16’                                         Dulciana 8’


Corno D’Amour 8’

Harmonic Flute 4’

Stopped Diapason 8’


04_Alleluia__Sing_To_Jesus_NAT   Alleluia, Sing to Jesus

Deagan Harp  O God Our Help in Ages Past on Deagan Harp




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